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Student loans

Application services for student loans

Identification verification and submission of the application form are completed at the Bank of Taiwan

Waiving of tuition/miscellaneous fees

Waiving of tuition/miscellaneous fees for students of specific categories

Education Aid Program for the Disadvantaged Minority

Scholarship for students from families with income lower than NT$ 700,000

Applications are open in September and are submitted once per year. Applications must be submitted during the first semester of each academic year and approved applicants will receive the scholarship in the following semester.

Tuition Exemption Program for Senior/Vocational High School Students

Uniform application for tuition exemption for the 1st~3rd year of the seven-year program (for students from both public and private schools)

Part-time Stipend

Offers part-time workfor students on campus

Applications are submitted via TUT’s Stipend Management System portal webpage

Emergency relief

Relief for students in accidents or emergency events

Help the Needy Initiative

Offers aid for students with financial difficulties

Scholarship for outstanding academic performance

Scholarship for top performing students for each class

Absence and conduct

Offers inquiry service for leave application, reward/punishment and conduct query

1. Enables students to submit applications for leave/search for individual records for absences/rewards/punishment on the student information page.

2. Students may apply for leave online within 3 days of their leave; the application must be submitted to their instructors for approval. Applications submitted after 3 days of the absence constitute a late application and students are required to complete the application process within two weeks.


Dormitory application and management

Military service

Services relating to the military service for prospective enlistment

Information on house rental

Housing rental related services and information for students

Traffic safety

Motorcycle driver’s license test services and traffic safety dissemination and drills

Disaster and earthquake prevention

Various earthquake/disaster prevention information and drills

Promotion of the Echinacea Campaign – Say “No” to Drugs.

Anti-smoking/drug abuse campaign and AIDS prevention care services

Moral education

Dissemination and activities for moral education


Anti-bullying dissemination and promotion

Fraud prevention

Offers tips on fraud prevention and relevant dissemination

Intellectual property rights

Dissemination of intellectual property rights protection and organization of relevant events